Photo: Jonathan Knowles & more from London

The Gold Award-winning photograph from Photography Annual 2015 above was shot by Jonathan Knowles with help from his assistant, Jack Snell. The photo is part of an editorial commission for Luxure Magazine’s Untamed issue. Beside it is another Gold Award-winning shot by Knowles, which won in Photography Annual 2017. This was taken for a beauty story that was also in Luxure Magazine.


The portrait above was taken by Henrik Sorensen and submitted to our current Photography Annual 2018 competition as part of a series depicting people who have pain in various areas of their bodies. The Gold Award-winning portrait beside from Photography Annual 2017 was shot by Andy Lo Po for client Getty Images, a project in which he used “lines and shapes to distort our familiar images of human faces.”

The Photography Annual 2018 competition is coming to a close! The deadline is Tuesday, November 14. Submit while there’s still time!

Author: Graphis