Photo Annual 2021 Judge Vincent Junier and His Love of Still-Life Photography

Vincent Junier’s first inkling towards still-life photography was a friend’s father. From there, he began practicing photography at the young age of seventeen. During his formative years as a photographer, Junier had the opportunity to specialize in portrait and still-life photography for press and magazines. However, in 1993, Junier’s career took a sharp turn when he decided to pursue graphic design within the press industry. This move further elaborated his conceptual skills as a creative director for communication agencies later on in his career. 

Recently, Junier has returned to still-life photography, developing ways to play with lighting and his unique ability for proportions and compositions truly reminding him why he fell in love with the art form at all. Junier has a gift for turning any subject into a desirable object, so long as it’s being captured through his lens. As a self-taught photographer, most of his strengths derive from not being constrained by school-taught rules. His work combines fresh artistic, simplistic, and aesthetic oddness that most lack. 

A wonderful example of his signature effortlessly bold photography is “Water balloons” (above, right). While performing some personal research, Junier converted a jewelry set design project into this masterfully fun still-life series. 

As well as being a judge for the Photography Annual 2021, Vincent Junier was featured in Journal #367! Here’s a sneak peek of his Q&A! 

What is your work philosophy? 

Do your best, don’t follow the easy way and if you fail, try again.

What inspired or motivated you into your career? 

The most important thing for me is to create, not to reproduce or remake. Starting from a vague idea, to let it grow and transform it into a concept, an image.

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