New Talent: Shelley Warsh, Tracy England & more from George Brown College

Above (left) is a Gold Award-winning poster from New Talent Annual 2012 designed by Ron Guyatt in Professor Shelley Warsh’s class. Designed for mock client Bloor Cinema, the poster presents the famous film Godzilla. Beside it is a Gold Award-winning Advertisement from New Talent Annual 2016. Created by Meaghan Chapin under the direction of Professor Tracy England, the ad promotes Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week series.

Above is Silver Award-winning packaging design from New Talent Annual 2016 was created by Samantha Bullis of Professor Jerri Johnson‘s class for mock client Organ Tonic Ale. The inspiration for the design “was drawn from Victorian-era bottles and the often dubious claims of health benefits that they offered. When contextualized as beer branding, this concept becomes a cheeky nod to the “therapeutic” nature of a relaxing evening with a strong beer after a hard day of work.”

There isn’t much time left to submit work to the New Talent Annual 2018 competition! Professors and students, we’re waiting on your best work! Early entrants get additional exposure on our website, blog, and social media platforms.

Author: Graphis