New Talent: Entries from Professors Sabine Hirtes, Jo Schwaemmle & more

The New Talent Annual 2018 competition is coming to a close soon! Above and below are some awesome projects entered into the editorial category.

Above is a Gold Award-winning entry submitted to the New Talent Annual 2017 competition by students Robert Gutmann and Tim Kaun of Professor Sabine Hirtes and Jo. Schwaemmle‘s class at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. The students relate their process behind their project: “In our first edition of “An Eye On” magazine we take a closer look at Iceland – Therefore, we were on site for one month to meet the creative artists of the country and interviewed them about their lives and their work. The result is an edition full of enlightening, exciting and amusing interviews, fascinating projects and photographs of the extraordinary, natural landscape that surrounds this design community, a design community on an island with a completely different outlook.” See below for more editorial designs!

Above, Ryan Hewlett of Professor Joe Scorsone‘s class at Temple University created a book design to teach children about the letters of the alphabet for his mock client, the Alphabet Museum.

Evan Chang of Professor Adrian Pulfer‘s class at Brigham Young University entered the below design, which won a Platinum Award in New Talent Annual 2016. The mock entry was a “redesign of the UK music, arts, and fashion magazine Fault. Focused on the flaws or “faults” of their interviewees, the redesign explores the idea of imperfection.”
There isn’t much time left to submit to the New Talent Annual 2018 competition! The earlier you enter, the better your chances of being featured on our blog, website, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis