Los Angeles Ladies + What Happens in Vegas: Photography 2022 Winners

The West Coast is an iconic part of American culture; deserts, palm trees, and bright colors adorn the streets and people that reside nearby. This week’s featured photographs capture that lifestyle with both a sense of richness and fun.

Starting in California, American photographer Amyn Nasser was hired by Prestige International Magazine, a premier fashion and luxury publication, to shoot a spread for them out of the Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The concept? “Strong, racy, Wildesque blonde in an Arabesque strong color Hotel to tell a short story where you read between the lines,” says Nasser. “1226 Marrakech Figueroa Wonderland” (above) combines a feeling of soft erotica in the wardrobe style with the architectural lines of the Marrakech-styled hotel, creating a strong feminine presence.

Most notable about the images is how bright they are, with eccentric designs adorning the walls and furniture that are opposite the otherwise sexy poses put forth by the model. The array of color in each photo is breathtaking, but even more amazing is how none of it is photoshopped. Instead, it’s a mix of elemental lighting with natural light that makes “a feeling of a cinematic edge, modern yet nostalgic, from a movie that revealed some form of erotica, sassy and clean yet naughty.”

Across the state in Nevada, Michael Schoenfeld captures an icon with “‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ Needs Repair, 2021“, (above) showing the historic Las Vegas sign that has graced the Las Vegas strips for decades. Originally built in 1959, the sign has been illuminating the dessert with bright neon colors ever since, letting people know exactly where they are. Of course, upkeep is needed to keep the sign working, and in the background, we can see a repairman in a cherry picker working on it. Alongside the sign, Schoenfeld also captures another Las Vegas staple with a joyful Elvis Presley impersonator, jumping in the air while playing guitar. Together, the sign and the impersonator highlight the essence of Las Vegas; loud, tacky, and opulent, and that Schoenfeld was able to photograph such a profound and famous site and do it justice is an honor.

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Author: Graphis