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In the luminous realm of photography, where image often transcends the subject, Takahiro Igarashi is a craftsman of light and form. His work, a seamless blend of heritage, timelessness, and exquisite craftsmanship, finds its strength in simplicity. Based in New York City, this award-winning still life photographer elevates everyday objects into ethereal pieces of art. As you read on, discover his compelling journey, artistic collaborations, and the creative ethos that makes him a living legend in the photographic world. Emily Rudman, who has been both a client and a collaborator, introduces him below.

Introduction by Emily Rudman, Founder & CEO, Emilie Heathe

Takahiro and I originally met through a stylist we wanted to work with for our first campaign launch in 2017. Since that shoot, I have worked with Taka on most major launch campaigns and partnerships, including our 2022 “The Batman” collection. He has won numerous awards for his work due to his keen eye and creative sense. Taka and I have similar artistic passions and aesthetics. It often feels as though we are on the same wavelength creatively, as we come up with similar ideas in execution. Taka is a true photographic artist, and we have even collaborated on an exhibition of his fine artwork in Chelsea a few years back. He is a true partner and collaborator and has been instrumental in supporting my creative vision for my brand and continues to be a wonderful partner and friend.

What inspired or motivated you to have a career in photography?

The ability to show an object through self-depiction and imagination.

Who is or was your greatest mentor?

My greatest mentor is Kenji Aoki.

What is it about photography that you are most passionate about?

It’s a valuable medium that can be used to express a thought or message.

Who have been some of your greatest past influences?

Kenya Hara, Naoto Fukasawa, Junichiro Tanizaki, and Kenji Aoki.

Who among your contemporaries today do you most admire?

Hiroshi Sugimoto and Irving Penn.

What would be your dream assignment? What would be your dream brand collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be with a brand or company that would value a similar vision.

Who have been some of your favorite people or clients you have worked with?

Oribe, NARS, and Emilie Heathe.

What are the most important ingredients you require from a client to do successful work?

Thorough communication skills while leaving some room for freedom.

Why are you interested in still life photography?

With still life photography, many things can be interpreted in your own way.

Takahiro Igarashi of Igarashi Photo, LLC is a still life photographer based in New York City. He believes in the power of simplicity—the power to communicate an idea in a moment. His imagery is derived from expressing the character of an object while emphasizing the essence within it. His graphic and expressive taste, paired with the utmost technicality, has landed him many campaigns with prestigious brands within the beauty, beverage, and lifestyle niches of still life. He lives by craftsmanship, heritage, and timelessness.

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Author: Graphis