In Flight & Sitting Still: Platinum & Silver Winners From Photography Annual 2021

Whether the subject is an animal or a person, a great portrait is always appreciated in photography. Take a look at these wonderful Platinum and Silver award winners from our Photography Annual 2021 competition. 

Platinum award-winning image “Aves” (above), captured by Graphis Master Lennette Newell, is a stunning shot of a bird from her larger collection of bird images. The bird’s wings are spread wide and gracefully, and the hypnotic glow of its bright blue, yellow, and red feathers stick out sharply against the black background. The sharpness of the image, along with its beautiful subject, are strong components of its Platinum winning status.

Newell worked with a falconer or pet owner of each bird to capture “uninhibited in-flight images” to make up her portfolio. The shots were taken in-studio and Newell used a variety of equipment from brands including Hasselblad, Canon, and Profoto. She says that the “photographs offer a chance to connect with the birds in the voyage while digesting the color, view, and elegance of these creatures.”

Wildlife photography is a dynamic discipline that speaks to beauty in its most natural and raw state. It is exactly the uninhibited construction of Newell’s photographs that allow us to see the birds in all of their natural glory and makes vibrant and precise “Aves” a signature. 

Jharrel” (above) captured by photographer Aman Shakya, is an intricate shot of Emmy-award winner Jharrel Jerome. Taken on-location at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, the image received the Silver Award in Photography Annual 2021 and is a classic, skillfully shot photo that has been used in various promotional materials for SCAD. 

With a combination of stylish fashion and design — thanks to Art Director Siobhan Bonnouvrier and Producer Morgan Maza  — as well as excellent lighting and color, the image is poppy and distinguishable among many portraits. Shot from a low angle, Jerome’s intense gaze and confident posture give light to his status in entertainment, with Shakya effortlessly capturing his dynamism and individuality. 

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