Graphis Master Joseph Saraceno Celebrates Everyday Objects With His Photography

Based in Toronto, Canada, Joseph Saraceno predominantly works in editorial and fashion photography. Well-known for his still life photography, Saraceno frequently utilizes a plethora of color palettes and textures to add focus to an object. Everything from makeup to haircare, household items, and various luxury products can be found in his work, in high quality print ads and numerous publications. While he seamlessly shifts his focus from one item to the next, his work often brings mundane objects into a realm of curiosity and mystery. Such can be said about the featured images, “Anachronism_003” (above left) and “Anachronism_001” (above right).

Both entries won Silver in the Photography Annual 2019 competition. The photographs were included in a 6-page spread for DLTD Magazine in Stockholm. Taking inspiration from the classic novel 1984 by George Orwell, Saraceno combines natural elements with everyday objects, which allude to references and symbols found in the book.

Saraceno manipulates natural light and shadow, in order to use the elements to his advantage. The resulting photographs are magnificent, highlighting the shine and texture of each object, meticulously placed next to one another. Photographs from his series, “JUX.TA.PO.SI.TION,” are featured above. The series won Gold in the Photography Annual 2018 competition.

More of Joseph Saraceno’s vibrant and elegant photography can be found in his Graphis Master Portfolio.

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