Graphis Master Erik Almas Captures The Elegance of Human Beauty in His Photography

Erik Almas is a renowned Norwegian photographer who has traveled to many countries, capturing much of the world’s beauty. His status as a Graphis Master is well-deserved for his photos of the human body, among others. Almas is able to perfectly capture the natural grace of the human form.

His nude photography, such as the one featured above left, shows how Almas can match a pose with a theme. The model is hunched over, seeming to be downcast, which is reflected in the way Almas has edited his photo of her to be dark and brooding. He hasn’t shied away from portraying his images in a surrealistic manner. In his image featured above right, he has placed businessmen and women in an unexpected, foreign environment, presenting a contrast in theme.

In his work, Almas continues to mix the fantastical with realism, such as the one featured above. There’s a regal, fairytale element that emanates from this work. The subject of the photo, the ballerina, blends in with her surroundings as if she were really dancing on water. Almas’ mastery of color, light, and shadow further grounds his work in reality.

Almas has been cultivating and expanding his photography skills for many years. His striking and detailed work elicits grand reactions.

See more of Erik Almas’ stunning photography in his Graphis Master Portfolio!

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