From the Studio to the Mountains: Latest Photography Annual 2022 Entries

Whether it’s in a studio, a bustling concrete jungle, or a natural hideaway, photography’s magic finds itself in all of the world’s nooks and crannies. In today’s submissions for our 2022 Photography Awards competition, two artists capture the medium’s captivating essence both inside the studio and outside in the great outdoors. 

In his headshot “Maxwell Jenkins” (above), American photographer Joe Mazza uses a Canon 5D Mark IV with speedotron packs and lights to capture a perfect portrait of up-and-coming actor Maxwell Jenkins. A connoisseur in editorial photography, Mazza explains that he feels happiest when “creating a moment close up”. Citing that although the pair first roamed around different neighborhoods to capture grittier shots, the real magic happened when they reached the studio. With Mazza seamlessly capturing Jenkins cast between soft lights and shadows, he elicits the actor’s newfound ascent into a matured chapter of his career, and we hope to see great things from both of them! 

On the other hand, photographer Bill Hornstein, also from the US, finds his magic in the natural world with his piece “TPC Danzante Bay” (above) capturing Loreto, Mexico’s earthly beauty. Taking the shot for Golf Magazine and using a drone to do so, Hornstein explains that Loreto is a “golf destination that offers a much more peaceful experience,” and his ultimate goal was to capture an image of the area’s “remote and unspoiled surroundings from a perspective few will get to see.” The peninsula’s ethereal and scenic beauty effortlessly seeps through Hornstein’s photography, and the results of his work awarded Golf Magazine with both an “Editors Choice” and “Best In Travel” award. 

While “Maxwell Jenkins” relays the power of the close up, “TPC Danzante Bay” captures the power of the birds eye, and both pieces are pinnacle embodiments of the hidden perspectives only photography can capture. 

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