Featured in Graphis Journal #363: From Analogue to Digital Photography; Frank P. Wartenberg (DE)

Frank P. Wartenberg is a German photographer who has created elegant imagery for over twenty years, winning numerous accolades and working with iconic brands such as Harrods, Absolut Vodka and Bloomingdales. In our Journal #363, we presented some of his award-winning work and a Q&A including valuable knowledge. He has worked between Hamburg, London and New York for his entire career but often travels to shoot on location, due to his meticulous eye for staging. 

Wartenberg recreated the painting Adele Bloch Bauer I, also known as “Golden Adele” (above, left), by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. Wartenberg wanted to expand on the original by portraying the subject Adele throughout her life in a portrait series, which includes a picture of Adele as an elderly woman. The background of the piece is hand painted and certainly brings the visuals of the original painting to life. 

The above image, “Dead Phil – “Der Rest” Band Portrait” is a portrait of Phil Taraz, the frontman of the German rock band ‘Der Rest.‘ Wartenberg cites the band’s music as his main source of inspiration for this image. Even in death Phil is with his guitar, a reminder of his legacy. Wartenberg has received Platinum awards for both of these works in the Graphis Photography Annual 2017, and Graphis Photography Annual 2015.

In his Q&A, he told us that “digital photography felt, at first, so boring to me,” but that he “changed from analogue to digital photography.” With this, Wartenberg proves his versatility in contrasting elements and styles. He also describes what his biggest challenge was, and his creative process.

See more of Frank P. Wartenberg’s extraordinary work and learn more about him in his Q&A in Journal #363!

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