Family Time During Covid + Playing With Paper: Photography 2023 New Entries

These Photography Annual 2023 submissions use their cameras to capture strong artistic skills and even stronger emotions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so much of our lives throughout the past few years, especially when it comes to our relationships. In “Mom and Dad Behind the Glass” (above), Louis Katz depicts our struggle to maintain communication with those most important to us, particularly family, at such a terrifying, confusing point in our lives.

Katz’s photo illustrates his own efforts to connect with his family, with the photo centering around his mother and father, an elderly couple, partially obscured by a glass window and Katz’s own reflection. In describing the scene, Katz says, “Mostly, the only way we could see our parents was through the glass.” While the pandemic’s limitations can be difficult and even heartbreaking, Katz also exemplifies our resilience and determination – our ability to connect with people in spite of said difficulties. It’s not just about the photograph; it’s about the vast range of emotions on either side of the camera as well.

While Katz’s photograph is a beautiful work on its own, it also acts as an illustrative snapshot of such a specific moment in our history, earning recognition as an “outstanding portrait” from Leica Fotografie International.

Walter Colley masterfully flexes his still life skills while also managing to keep things simple in this series titled “Paper, Just Paper” (above). Throughout the series, Colley shoots an abstract paper sculpture, a subject that provides both a return to the basics with the material and a number of unique challenges with how to model it. Paper might seem simple to capture, but in reality requires precise attention to lighting, composition, and so much more.

Despite the monochrome color palette and simple, abstract form of the sculpture, there’s plenty to look at in these photos. The paper sculpture rests on a white table, stark against the solid black background. Each photo depicts the sculpture from a different angle and perspective, some focusing on small details and others on the larger, overall composition, but each is balanced to perfection. Colley highlights every sharp line and soft curve, as well as every soft shadow, brilliant reflection, textured intricacy, and cumulative shape. Colley embarked on this project with the goal of making photos that can show off his talents and promote his work, and we’d say he certainly succeeded.

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Author: Graphis