Explore Four Posters on AI, Design, Balance, and Jazz

As the new year brings a sense of hope, new beginnings, and the chance for a fresh start, we look ahead to the future while referencing the past. These posters remind us to maintain a healthy balance between the technological advances that make our lives easier and the more human elements of living. 

Stephan Bundi’s Poster Explores the Implications of a Physical AI Assistant

Have you ever considered what life would be like with a physical AI assistant? Graphis Master Stephan Bundi‘s poster (above, left) for the theatrical play “Die Mitwisser” by German playwright and director Philipp Löhle is a comedic analysis of the waves of digital modernization and their corresponding implications. Löhle introduces “Mr. Kwant,” who is available to anyone for free (akin to a life-like version of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa). The play revolves around the main character, Theo Glass, and how his life is altered by the relationship and combined powers of his free assistant.

Bundi’s poster illustrates a virtual assistant’s comprehensive surveillance and monitoring abilities. The cool-toned shading creates a crisp, modern aesthetic, embodying the ever-deepening connection between humans and technology. The interior of the ear is like a watchful eye, taking in both audio and visual cues. The sharp delineations between segments of the ear further demonstrate the limitations of man-made technology. The various blues behind the ear create an uncertain atmosphere – what will be done with the gathered data?

Celebrating the Groundbreaking Design Legacy of April Greiman

When Keith Kitz was asked to create a poster for an exhibition (above, right) in honor of a renowned designer from his homeland, he decided to feature April Greiman. The World Graphic Designers: Nation Design Legends exhibition was an international invitational event that showcased 94 designers from 39 different nations, with each poster proudly representing the nation’s identity.

April Greiman is an American graphic designer and artist renowned for pioneering the use of computers in the design process. She also brought the European New Wave design style to the United States. Her work is often characterized by a collage-like composition, with multiple colors, layers, and textures. Kitz developed a mixed-media digital print poster in an effort to capture her style and accomplishments.

In “Think Play Innovate (Thank You April)“, the word “INNOVATE” is featured on the right side of the poster, with a black background. It is the only solid block of color on the page, distinct from the rest. Other elements of the piece are reminiscent of magazine collages, paint streaks, photo cut-outs, and digital pixels. This combination of design mediums showcases Greiman’s influence and the merging of different design styles.

Finding Balance in Life

Brad Tzou designed this poster (above, left) for the 2022 Japan x Taiwan Exchange Poster Exhibition themed “Balance.” On Tzou’s poster, several figures are placed on a light beige background, enclosed by a white frame, giving the artwork a three-dimensional feel. In the upper left corner, it says “The Golden Mean“, which is an allusion to the western philosophy of temperance. This refers to the idea of achieving balance between having too much and too little. This is shown through the two birds, one of them with empty wings and the other carrying a
golden branch with a vibrant red flower with speckled golden legs.

For Tzou, moderation and morality are equivalent, which is represented by the harmony in the
poster. Moderation is a sign of moral behavior, as depicted by the two birds, one with empty wings and the other carrying a golden stem with a glowing red blossom and small golden feet
with pollen.

This event was managed by The Chubu Creators Club (CCC), a designer’s organization that
looks to build relationships between design groups in Asian cities through poster competitions.
The exhibition featured works from the Visual Communication Design Department of Asia
University (Taiwan), along with other design universities in Taiwan, and members of The CCC.

Remembering the Forgotten Ones: Pan-Latin Jazz

Martin French‘s illustrative poster (above, right) promotes the premier of a documentary on the
history and development of Pan-Latin Jazz, “Los Olvidados” or “The Forgotten Ones.” French
wanted to combine the historical background of the music and dance form with the cultural
tensions and struggles that surround it.

A single figure stands out in the center of the image, lunging forward on a small platform. The
scene is primarily cast in darkness, with only half of the dancer’s body and face illuminated. The
background is a blend of light and dark shades of gray. The vibrant colors of the dancer’s deep
beige skin, yellow dress, and orange accents draw attention to the scene. A broken chain clings
to one of her wrists, a reminder of a harrowing escape from hostility. This imagery conveys the
hidden complexities of Pan-Latin jazz.

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Author: Graphis