Angels, Cowboys, and Rocks, Oh My!: 2021 Photography Annual Platinum & Gold Winners

What do angels, cowboys, and rocks have in common? Photographs of each received awards in Graphis’ 2021 Photography Annual!

The first submission is “Paradise Lost” by Brazilian photographer Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich (above, left). The self-initiated piece features model Camila Ribeiro and was captured using a Canon 5DS R with Broncolor light. Inspired by John Milton’s epic poem, “Paradise Lost”, the picture depicts a kneeling angel with her head on her knees and its arm raised. Surrounded by mist and on top of a large rock, a beam of light breaks through the darkness, adding to the sense of wonder. Quiet and mystical, this image received a Platinum award.

Another Platinum award winner is “Cowboys in The Snow” by US photographer Tyler Stableford for Canon USA (above, right). According to Stableford, “Canon needed iconic action imagery to promote the launch of their new flagship 1DX Mark III camera. As the world’s leading camera company, it was crucial that they had fresh and unique photos for the campaign.” To get those fresh, unique photographs, Stableford shot a series of high-action images that showcased the camera’s speed, image quality, and tough weather resistance. This photo in particular is one of Stableford’s favorites; they waited for a snowstorm to capture the fresh snow and were rewarded with images that have a timeless fine-art quality in addition to commercial appeal. The campaign was well-received across the country, and the images were used by Canon digitally and on social media to amplify the camera’s launch.

Another beautiful, award-winning submission is “Ordinary Rocks” by US photographer Michael Schoenfeld (above). Part of a self-initiated still life series, Schoenfeld shot the images during the COVID-19 lockdown. He wanted to give the rocks “a poetic allegorical personality” and did so with a series of rainbow lights against a stone-like dark blue background. For this project, Schoenfeld received a Gold award from the Graphis 2021 Photography Annual judges.

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