An Interview with Master Photographer and ‘Magazine Maven’ Tatijana Shoan

Lucille Ball has a great quote,” says photographic artist and Editor-in-Chief of As If magazine, Tatijana Shoan. “‘If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.’”

New York City–based Shoan is not just busy. Her career—as a model-turned-actor-turned-makeup artist-turned-photographer-turned-magazine editor—is a case study in growth and industriousness. Her creative energy is boundless; a universe unto itself. Her success, however, has a more pragmatic genesis: it’s the result of determination, conviction, and the ability to learn from and understand how life experiences overlap.

In addition to being Editor-in-Chief of As If magazine, now on its 11th issue, Shoan also shoots all of the magazine’s editorial photography—and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Rightfully called a “magazine maven” by WWD, we caught up with the Graphis Master to hear how she balances a life of creativity for the relaunch of Graphis Journal, issue 365:

Graphis: How would you describe your photography?

Tatijana Shoan: Most people feel the need to put photographers and artists in a category, but it’s very limiting. Photographers are constantly being labeled as a “fashion photographer,” “portrait photographer,” “landscape photographer,” etc. I shoot fashion, travel, and portraits. In every instance I just want to capture the truth. I can’t tell you what my aesthetic is; that’s for others to label.


G: What was the initial impetus for As If?

TS: I was shooting for other magazines and clients, including some of Scott’s clients. I wanted the opportunity to create work solely for the enjoyment of how it feels and how I wanted it to look. We worked on the magazine and six months later we had our first issue. I still love shooting for other publications and clients, and helping them realize their vision. The balance of both is important.


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All images © Tatijana Shoan.