The Finest of Films: Advertising 2022 Winners

Lights, camera, advertising. In the world of film and media, advertising is a driving force to tease and push new projects, whether they’re actual films or film festivals. So let’s roll out the red carpet for these three Platinum winning Advertising 2022 entries!

Many have heard of film festivals like Sundance, but have you heard of the Coronado Island Film Festival? Launched in 2016 and hosted in the storied seaside village of Coronado, California, the CIFF welcomes makers and lovers of film to participate in year-round events and screenings, Q & A’s, workshops, live performances, informative panels, and celebrity tributes. Coronado, which is located south of San Diego, has long had ties to Hollywood thanks to the iconic Hotel del Coronado, where famous movie stars such as Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Billy Wilder, and Marilyn Monroe have stayed. It’s only fitting that with “Frame of Mind” (above, left), design firm Judd Brand Media recalls classic Hollywood with a headwrap-wearing starlet, yet there’s a modern twist with the film reel sunglasses and tropical color palette as a “nod to the artistic and historic essence of Coronado and its festival.” The end result shows Coronado as a “coast island community infused with retro glam,” and definitely a place to go to if you love movies.

Rhubarb, an advertising company based in Los Angeles, is one of the best out when it comes to making advertisement for movies and TV. Netflix made the right choice hiring them to advertise the release of Kristine Stolakis’ documentary “Pray Away”, which focuses on survivors and former leaders of conversion therapy (a practice of attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions) and coming to terms with the harm caused. In “Pray Away Key Art” (above, right), the artistic vision was to create a poster that highlighted the themes of the documentary while concealing the identities of the people in the film and avoiding cliches that are associated with LGBTQ+ subjects and Christianity. With a representational image of a man as a base, a small cross made out of Bible pages became a gag over the man’s mouth, while a flash of prismatic light subtly suggests the rainbow pride flag to represent the film’s homosexual themes. These small but intentional design decisions allow for easy interpretation by the audience without too being in-your-face.

Probably the most famous cookie in the world, Oreo has been around for over 100 years, loved by kids everywhere. But what about adult consumers who no longer buy them? Oreo wanted to stay relevant and connected with their clients across generations, and the short film “Proud Parent” (above), directed by 360i, shows the happiness the cookie creates while also tying into Oreo’s championship of LGBTQ rights and the creation of their Proud Parent campaign platform, which together with PFLAG celebrates proud families and fosters inclusivity.

The film stars a young woman visiting her family with her girlfriend. While it’s a happy visit, there’s a definite sense of unease and awkwardness between the woman and her father, who are shown to have been closer when she was younger in a home video where they share some Oreos. By the end of the film, however, the father firmly declares his support for the couple by painting the front yard fence with a rainbow. It’s a well-acted touching story that’s not obnoxious with product placement and will make you misty-eyed, and surely completes 360i’s objective to make a positive impact on the bond between LGBTQ youth and their parents. The film wasn’t the only project the firm completed for Oreo; with PFLAG, 360i also sourced and recreated famous signs and developed a targeted OOH buy where they displayed the work along parade routes. Oreo itself created 10,000 packs of pride cookies with rainbow crème filling that could only be obtained via a social campaign where allies showed their love for their LGBTQ family or chosen family. All together, the film and the campaign were a resounding success, with 315 million total impressions (87 million coming from paid) and 2 million organic engagements from social media and press placements.

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Author: Graphis