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Nudes: Peter Arnold and Spiros Politis (UK) and Emy Kat (France) Detail the Body’s Vulnerability

Graphis is proud to present these photographers as the focus of this week’s nudes spotlight

Advertising: Art Director’s John Fairley, Toby Edwards (UK), and Valentino Ristevski (Sweden) Present Excellent Work

Graphis is honored to present the works of these fine art directors


Photography: The UK’s Tim Flach and Tara Moore Muse on the Contemporary

The United Kingdom presents excellent work from Tim Flach and Tara Moore.


Nudes: Jonathan Knowles, Emy Kat and Erik Almas Showcase Humanist Wonder in New Works

In this week’s Nude Photography spotlight, Graphis shifts their attention to the United Kingdom’s Jonathan Knowles, France’s Emy Kat,…

Branding: jones knowles ritchie & more from the UK

The packaging design above is part of a totally far-out branding campaign for a delicious new snack,…

Nudes5: Entries from Jonathan Knowles & more from London, UK

The above photograph, which works “with limbs to create contrast, forms and shapes inspired by some of…

Type: THERE IS Studio, Scott Williams, Henrik Kubel & more from the UK

The sticky bubblegum typographic poster above (left) was designed by THERE IS Studio in London. Created for Another Planet…

Photography Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Great Britain

  Jonathan Knowles, a Graphis award-winning photographer from the UK, shot his “Givenchy Beauty” series for the Beauty and…