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Raise Your Glass for Two New Entries from Australia & China in the Packaging 10 Competition!

Designers Phoebe Besley and Annette Harcus, working as a part of Harcus Design, were tasked to rebrand…

New Colorful Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Studio Hinrichs and Land O’ Lakes Inc.

U.S designer and Graphis Master, Kit Hinrichs, submits his “Sappi Fine Paper, Fashion Verticals” with his firm…

Gerard Huerta, A Master of Iconic Design

Graphis Master Gerard Huerta is an American designer, illustrator, and typographer, who began his career at CBS…

Design: California Designers Usher in a Groovy Style

The West Coast continues to prove that it knows cool and isn’t afraid to flaunt it

Design: Australian and American Designers Pull Out All Stops With These Eye-Catching Works

These Gold and Platinum award-winning works show why design matters

Poster Annual Submission Spotlight:
California Designers

Designer: Sharyn Belkin Locke                           …