Letterhead 8: Winning Works

ABOVE — Amelung Design GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) for Endless Pain | Designers: Christian Bienefeld and Jonathan Sven Amelung | PLATINUM AWARD
“In planning and organizing for their next tattoo convention, Endless Pain required high quality stationery to be used for day-to-day correspondence with public administrations and exhibitors. In order to set this Studio apart from others, we developed an extraordinary interactive letterhead that equally combines the domains of tattoo and piercing.
Indefinite pain? Not at Endless Pain. Derived from the name of the brand, our letterheads exhibit how piercing can be pain-free. The simple activation of a hole punch actively ‘pierces’ these drawn illustrations and helps people to make a choice for the right studio — Endless Pain.”


ABOVE — Texas A&M University of Commerce (Decatur, Texas) for Eastside Longboard | Instructor: Josh Ege | Designer: Nicholas Mackenrodt | MERIT AWARD
“The Stationary was designed for Eastside Longboard, a small company in Oregon that designs and sells their own longboards. The assignment was to take them down a new path to help brighten their overall look.
My approach was to try to incorporate some features of a longboard. The back of the business card and the sticker for the mailer are made with grip tape. The logo was treated like a sticker skaters would put on their boards.
The assignment was given by my professor and was part of a bigger rebrand. The overall project was successful.”

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Author: Graphis