Graphis Master: High Fashion Photographer Tatijana Shoan Is a Revelation

The Croatian-born photographer and editor-in-chief of AS IF Magazine is this week’s Graphis Master

Launching a magazine is perhaps one of the hardest feats in modern-day publishing. As sales keep dwindling and more and more publishers begin transitioning to solely publishing online, the print world is having an existential crisis. But that hasn’t stopped some from brazenly swimming against the tide, realizing the inherent value that print has over digital production. Whether it’s the high gloss photography or the tangibility of the pages themselves, there is a certain indescribable joy that is derived from the materiality of print. That seems to not have gone unnoticed by luminary photographer and AS IF Magazine editor-in-chief Tatijana Shoan.
Primarily working with high fashion photography, Shoan has propagated herself as a premier photographer. From mid-century veils that elicit noir aesthetics to flowing elegiac gowns, Shoan lives and breathes the high fashion world. Her series for AS IF Magazine, entitled Hidago (ABOVE) demonstrates these stylized choices that earnestly showcase her inherent desires and creative muses.
But beyond her work in the fast-paced worlds of publishing and high fashion photography, Shoan is also a passionate nature advocate, once being quoted as saying that if she did not do the work that she does, she would have been “a zoologist traveling throughout Africa protecting wildlife.” Shoan is a multi-disciplinary individual, one who knows what she wants and goes after it, making her an undoubted Graphis Master. Be sure to check out the rest of her portfolio here.
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