Design: Gold & Silver-Winning Work by Marcos Minini Design and WONGDOODY

For the Design Annual 2020, Marcos Minini Design from Brazil wins Gold for their seven-part series of logo designs for the music company OA. Entitled “OA” (above), the work is inspired by the wavelengths of music. The vibrations of sound are represented by the circular waves that make up the shape of a vinyl record. The acronym ‘OA’ can be seen all over the brand merchandise including vinyl sleeves, pins, and T-shirts. It comes from the Portuguese phrase ‘Lighter than the Air,’ which was chosen to be the project name. The agency uses vivid colors to visualize a bright and inviting experience with OA. The artwork shows how Marcos Minini Design effectively creates an engaging brand design.

From the U.S., creative agency WONGDOODY wins Silver. Their work “Honda Talon” (above) is a seven-part series from a campaign for Honda Powersports. The fusion of ‘Fun’ and ‘Function’ is the key message being sent through this campaign. WONGDOODY is well aware of a reader’s short attention span and uses that to their advantage. The use of a bold red background catches the attention of readers who might be scanning through the advertisements. Little easter eggs and witty catchphrases are sprinkled around to reward and encourage scanners to read deeper. Incorporating the spirit of fun with relaying information in a clean and to-the-point matter is what makes WONGDOODY’s ad campaign so successful.

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