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Award-winning poster designs from Leroy & Rose.

The Best Agency in the Universe: Leroy & Rose Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Leroy met Rose in 2012 during one of the hottest summers ever recorded in the Peach State….

Award-winning packaging from Harcus Design.

Designing a Taste of Brazil: Harcus Design and Spicers Paper

Let’s raise a glass to the latest award-winning design that’s bringing the spirit of Brazil to life!…

Graphis examines Turner Duckworth's redesign of the iconic Campbell's Soup packaging

Reinventing an Icon: Turner Duckworth Gives Campbell’s Soup a Modern Makeover

The Design 2023 Awards recognizes outstanding creativity and innovation in design, and Graphis Master Turner Duckworth‘s recent…

Doritos Halloween Campaign

Doritos Conjures Up a Scary Good Halloween Campaign

Get ready to hear about a snacktacular success! Doritos, the iconic Frito-Lay brand, won a Graphis Design…

Prairie Chic by Trevett McCandliss & Nancy Campbell

From Prairie to Platinum: Trevett McCandliss & Nancy Campbell

When it comes to fashion photography and design, Footwear Plus Magazine’s “Prairie Chic” is a standout project….

Celebrating Black Creative Excellence with Retrospect.

This Black History Month, Graphis and Retrospect
Take Pride in Honoring Black Creative Brilliance. 

From photographers and performers to filmmakers and writers, these individuals are pushing the limits in their fields…

California Condor + Raising the ‘Bar’-ista

Michael Pantuso’s California Condor: A Heartfelt Ode to the Endangered Species As the world grapples with climate…

Pianist Paul Warthen Elevates Brand with Help from Lisa Sirbaugh Creative

Passion can be a powerful driving force in one’s professional life, but it’s not always enough to…

Running Into Design: Carmit Makler Haller Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Graphis Master Carmit Makler Haller is a visual communications designer and the owner of Carmit Design Studio….

Unveiling Fame.Inc.’s Distinctive Brand Identity

China’s DesignOut Lab shares its brand identity submission to the upcoming Design 2024 Awards, created for client…

Exploring Electronic Music & Cross-Cultural Posters

Surreal World of Electronic Music Posters Event posters have always been an essential tool in advertising, and…

FACTORY Gold-winning Prospectus Design for NTU School of Art, Design, and Media

FACTORY, a leading Singapore creative branding firm, was awarded a gold in the Graphis Design 2023 Awards…