Advertising: Platinum & Gold Winners by Angry Dog Agency (Brazil) & McCann Milan (Argentina)

Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Masters Howard Schatz and Phil Marco

Packaging: Gold-Winning Designs by Sandstrom Partners (Portland, OR) & Concrete (Ontario, CA) with Arresting Work Again!

New Graphis Master: The Richards Group, Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #360

New Talent: Gold and Silver Winning Work from the Advertising Category

Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Master RJ Muna and Photographers Tyler Ashlock & CĂ­ntia Trigo

Advertising: Winning Work by Zulu Alpha Kilo, ARSONAL & PPK, USA

New Graphis Master: Sagmeister & Walsh, Featured in Journal #360

Design: Winning and New Entries in the Poster Category of Design Annual 2020

New Talent: Gold-Winning Design Work by Fazel Sayeh & Seoyoung Lee

Poster: International New Entries by Y. Ogawa, K. Hinrichs, Y. Cao & J. Machado

Alina Popescu’s Gold-Winning Branding for Cinemaraton Is Versatile and Effective