Graphis Master: High Fashion Photographer Tatijana Shoan Is a Revelation

Nudes: Craig Colvin and Joseph E. Reid (US) and Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich (Brazil) Play with Expectations

Advertising: US-based Aaron Fisher and Joe Scalo Create Poise-Driven Campaigns

Annual Reports: Richard Colbourne and Peter Ty of the USA Design with Vibrancy for Shareholders

Nudes: New Entries from Vietnam’s Hậu Lê, Germany’s Astrid Susanna Schulz, and US’ Saritdikhun Somasa


New Talent: Projects from Prof. Abby Guido’s Students at Temple University


Photography: Projects from USA’s Jeff Ludes and Michael Mayo

Graphis Design Master: Rex Peteet of Colorado Springs, CO


Advertising: The Tantalizing Works of Paul Forsyth, Cade Buckus, and Rick Iseppi of Michigan, USA

Lewis Communications

Graphis Master: New Master Lewis Communications