Alina Popescu’s Gold-Winning Branding for Cinemaraton Is Versatile and Effective

New Talent: Winning Advert. Work by Syracuse University, The Newhouse School Students Y. Xiong, E. Bhayani & T. Peng

Design: Platinum & Gold-Winning Work by Fred Woodward/Pari Dukovic/Griffin Funk & Tom Farrell/Deklah Polansky

Design: Gold-winning Works and an Exciting New Entry from China

New Talent: Platinum-Winner Danner Washburn and Silver-Winner Anya Widyawati Design with Purpose

Annual Reports: Platinum Winning Work by GmbH and New Entry by Sight8

Design: Gold-Winning Work by Portugal’s¬†PMDESIGN & New Entry by Design Firm Another Collective

New Talent: Platinum & Gold Winning Advertising Work by Alana Vitrian, Minjeong Lee & Eunseok Park

Design: Platinum-Winning Work and New Entries from the USA

Poster: Switzerland’s Gold-Winning Designs & Latest Entries

New Talent: Platinum Work by Pauline Capote of Academy of Art University & Gold Work by Rachel Jisun Kim of School of Visual Arts

Annual Reports: Fresh New Submissions & Classic Winning Projects from Ashley Vetter and Matt Shlian (US)