Advertising Spotlight: Midwest

Agency: Doner Advertising | Client: NGK Spark Plugs | Title: Make Fast Faster 

Doner Advertising, a full-service agency headquartered in Detroit, submitted ‘Make Fast Faster‘ advertisements to the Advertising 2015 competition. Chad Ackley, executive creative director, and creative directors Jason Bergeron and Virgil Adams created this striking ad for NGK Spark Plugs.

Ackley, who began working at Doner a little more than → [[Read the full article...]]

Advertising Annual Spotlight: Wisconsin


Agency: STIR | Client: United Performing Arts Fund | Agency: Serve (BVK’s non-profit agency)

Advertising Spotlight: Wisconsin Agencies

STIR, an advertising agency founded by Brian Bennett, recently produced a testimonial video for a new client, Dr. Comfort, which featured John Bennett, the silver medalist in long jump in the 1956 Olympics. The coolest part about making the video? → [[Read the full article...]]

Friday Feature: Stefan Sagmeister Happiness By Design

Stefan Sagmeister loves making lists. In February 2004, Sagmeister delivered a TED Talk in Monterey, California about happiness that featured several lists of things that made him happy. He realized that quite a few items involved design.

Sagmeister, who was born in Bregenz, Austria in 1962, founded the design studio Sagmeister Inc. In 2012, Sagmeister Inc. was renamed Sagmeister & Walsh after designer Jessica Walsh, who was working → [[Read the full article...]]

Masters Series: Craig Cutler

Masters Series – Craig Cutler

Craig Cutler discovered he wanted to be a photographer when he realized that he wanted to capture the concepts he sketched out as a graphic design student.

Cutler took his first photograph on a field trip for school to an Amish Farm. He was able to sneak several pictures of the farmers with a Kodak box camera he owned and for more than 25 years—since he began → [[Read the full article...]]

Advertising Annual Spotlight: Florida’s PP+K

ADV 12

Title: Anatomy  | Agency: PP+K | Client: Tires Plus | Executive Creative Director: Tom Kenney

PP+K — One of Florida’s Top Agencies

The advertisements featured above received a Platinum award in the Advertising Annual 2011. The agency PP+K created the work for Tires Plus and wanted to avoid the usual tire advertisements that feature low prices in huge fonts. → [[Read the full article...]]

On the Calendar: Weingart Typography Exhibition


Title: The Swiss Poster                                                  Title: Typographic Signs (student of Weingart)

Weingart Typography Exhibition

The Museum für Gestaltung presents the work of modern Swiss typographer Wolfgang Weingart, as well as the work of his students. The comprehensive exhibition of the work and philosophy of the highly-esteemed “enfant terrible” → [[Read the full article...]]

Congratulations to the Winners of Design Annual 2015


We are pleased to announce the Platinum winners of the Graphis Design Annual 2015 competition: Frost* Design, Graham Hanson Design, Faith, peter bankov, IF Studio, Headcase Design, Jan Sabach Design, Rebecca Bartlett LLC, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. and beierarbeit.

Graphis congratulates all winners on this outstanding achievement and is eager to share it with → [[Read the full article...]]

Friday Feature: Viktor Koen

“Hello. My name is Viktor and I’m a pictureholic. It’s a terrible, incurable disease that causes severe male pattern baldness and the obsession to make pictures day after day.”

That is how Viktor Koen, an award winning designer who teaches at the School of Visual Arts, began his TED Talk at TEDx in Athens in November 2012. Koen, who subscribes to the theory that mastering a skill requires → [[Read the full article...]]