New Talent Spotlight Submissions: Portfolio Center


 Professor: Hank Richardson | Students: Alle Hine | School: Portfolio Center

Under the critical eye of Hank Richardson, Portfolio Center’s Alle Hine has rolled out a series of portraits that represent different characteristics of women. The results were stunning.

“Everything, down to the dark clothing and bare shoulders, were international decisions to portray the desired characteristics fully,” wrote Hine on her Graphis Portfolio. “The deep purple floral headpiece represents vivacious and → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2015 Spotlight Submissions: New York


 Advertising Agency: Arsonal | Client: Fox Productions

Arsonal must be on speed dial for the leading production networks. The advertisement for upcoming TV seasons of House, American Horror Story Freak Show, and movies Oculus and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, are just a few of their most recent projects.

As the most recent Graphis Design Master, Arsonal’s body of work is extensive and wide-ranging. This creative advertising → [[Read the full article…]]

Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: USA

Human Arbarth

 Advertising Agency: The Richards Group | Client: FIAT USA

As inspiration for upcoming Advertising Competition submissions, Graphis is proud to role out last year’s Platinum winner, Human Abarth.

The Richards Group is an American advertising agency that is the largest independently owned agency in the country. Working with founder Stan Richards, there are 35 creative group heads over 705 creatives. The company is a past Graphis contributor who has → [[Read the full article…]]

Annual Reports 2014/15 Spotlight Submissions: Frost?


 Design Firm: Frost* Agency | Client: OzHarvest

when Australian-based Frost* Agency designed the OzHarvest Annual Report, their client’s satisfaction was as discernibly exultant as the project’s “happy” mantra.

The project presents the company’s financials, in addition to an article about the CEO Cook-off event and the a letter from the founding director/CEO. From cover to cover, the bold, bright design mirrors the vivacity and dynamism of the team at OzHarvest.

Frost* Design is an agency → [[Read the full article…]]

New Talent Spotlight Submissions: Frank Anselmo


 Professor: Frank Anselmo | Students: Minju Cho, Duekhyun Kim | School: School of Visual Arts 

Perhaps nothing speaks so highly of Frank Anselmo’s role in the classroom as does the work of his students. This year’s iTunes ad and last year’s FEDEX Billboard Boxes are prime examples of his stupendous mentorship to burgeoning creatives at the School of Visual Arts.

Minju Cho, Deukhyun Kim’s iTunes ad → [[Read the full article…]]

Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: USA


 Advertising Agency: Red Racer Advertising (left), Massive Studios (right)

Our Advertising Competition has seen a testosterone boost, with two award-winning ads catered to men: Advertising Agency Red Racer Advertising’s Radius HDD Print Campaign and Massive Studios’ SITKA Gear Big Game Ad Campaign.

Last year, a study found that millennial males have more spending power than any other demographic, estimating a purchasing power between $125 billion and → [[Read the full article…]]

Photography Annual 2015 Spotlight Submissions: New York

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.52.34 PM

 Photographer: Nicholas Duers | Client: Self-initiated 

Graphis is pleased to present our recent Photography competition submissions: Nicholas Duers’ Skulls (image above) and Bleu de Chanel (image below).

His Skulls image is a personal project he embarked on this year, Duers wrote in his Graphis Portfolio. “While visiting the Southwestern US, I became fascinated by the skulls of the local Fauna.” He rigged the skulls → [[Read the full article…]]

Call for Entries: Annual Reports 2014/2015


Design Firm: Intellecta | Client: Self-initiated

Up to 500 entries are archived on Platinum, Gold, & Silver winning work is in the Annual. Complimentary certificates to Platinum & Gold winners. Book price for all entrants is $48 (60% discount). View current competitions at To submit, Click here.

Member Entry Fees: Series: (Up to 7 image) USD $150
Non-Member Entry Fees: Series (Up to 7 images) → [[Read the full article…]]

Annual Reports 2014/15 Spotlight Submissions: Canada


 Design Firm: WAX | Client: Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities

Crunching numbers doesn’t have to be boring. WAX’s Annual Reports in our Design Annual 2010 (image above) and Annual Reports 2013 (image below) illustrate how statistics mean more than financials.

WAX’s Annual Report for the Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities was written by hand on objects that were purchased from fundraising efforts to hep people living → [[Read the full article…]]

Annual Reports 2014/15 Spotlight Submissions: Philadelphia


 Design Firm: Portfolio Marketing Group | Client: Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust

Portfolio Marketing Group’s recent Annual Report for Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust makes data, infographics and financials look fun.  The Report was entered into our Annual Reports 2014/15 competition.

Their recent report delves into average comp sales, total return performance and opportunistic properties. Their easy-to-read data visualizations help show the company’s progress in the past year.

[[Read the full article…]]