Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Virginia

VA 1.7

 Design Firm: Karnes Coffey Design | Clients: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts announced their newest exhibition, The Forbidden City, which is comprised of works from the Palace Museum in Beijing. Karnes Coffey Design was the crucial creative behind the presentation. The campaign, which was composed of interior and exterior building signage, banners, and an airport duratran, surpassed attendance projections by 14 percent, they wrote on their [[Read the full article…]]

Typography 3 Winners Announcement

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.00.42 PM

Graphis is pleased to announce the Platinum winning entrants of Typography 3: Atelier Bundi AG, Concept Arts Inc., Graham Hanson Design, Gunter Rambow,, Joaquim Cheong Design, Marcus King, Shin Matsunaga Design Inc., Stranger & Stranger, and Visual Dialogue.

Graphis congratulates all of the winners for their outstanding achievements and is proud to share the winning → [[Read the full article…]]

Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: California


 Design Firm: Connelly Partners | Clients: Samsonite

Art director Jonah Hulbert and photographer Tim Hawley were tasked with creating an ad for Samsonite that fits various layouts. It had to be colorful, and it had to be eye-catching. The result is the Curv Takes the Stage, which was recently submitted to the Advertising Annual 2016 competition.

“I recognized that each element in the image would need to be shot separately → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: Taiwan

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.42.22 AM

 Design Firm: Ken-Tsai Lee Studio/Taiwan TECH | Clients: Taiwan TECH 

What happens when the Ken-Tsai Lee Design Lab meets Taiwan TECH, under commission for the Type Directors Club? A bold, tasteful new submission is entered to our Design Annual 2016 competition. The poster, designed by Ken-Tsai Lee and Cheng Shiun You, announces the Type Directors Club Annual Exhibition ion Taiwan, which pays homage to Ikko Tanaka.

Mr. Lee → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: Norway

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.20.50 AM

Design Firm: Kitchen Leo Burnett | Designer: Marianne Sæther | Client: The Royal House of Norway

The striking Queen Sonja Print Award logo hails from Norwegian advertising agency, Kitchen Leo Burnett. The identity pays tribute to the old crafting tradition of printmaking, a timeless image that remains relevant in a contemporary design industry.

The logo, which was recently submitted to the Design Annual 2016 competition, was based on a → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: Illinois

Michael Pantuso

Design Firm: Michael Pantuso Design | Designer: Michael Pantuso

Illinois designer Michael Pantuso has rolled out another brilliant illustration in his limited edition series, “Mechanical Integrations,” a melding of nature and the mechanical. Mechanical Mosquito Integration #6  is a “balance between realism and graphic expression,” writes Pantuso on his Graphis Portfolio. “A place where shapes, colors and textures come together to form expressions of vision, imagination and → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: India


Left Design Firm: Alok Nanda & Company | Right Design  Firm: Landor Associates

Graphis presents two packaging designs submitted to the Design Annual 2016 competition, which appeal to the potent taste pallet of their Indian audience: Landor Associates entry, Taste me to Spain, taste me to Mexico…, and a wine bottle design, Sula, (above left image) created by Alok Nanda & Company.

Landor Associates rolled out packaging for Miss → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: New York City


Designer: Kyle Wessel | Client: Diageo | Design Firm: Raison Pure NYC

Raison Pure NYC’s recent packaging designs have graced the Design Annual 2016 competition. The industrial, yet elegant bottle branding of their Mortlach entry (image below), flaunts a color-palette that is reminiscent of Speyside’s natural and manmade landscape.

It alludes to trestle bridges, with “geometric bases and tapering silhouettes to give the impression of looking upwards,” they write → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submissions: Korea


Designer: Hoon-Dong Chung | Client: Dankook University

3D printing might be the next revolution in technology, but Hoon-Dong Chung created the 3D Type Exhibition (above left image) in 2D. The poster, a recent submission to the Design Annual 2016 competition, was designed for an experimental project ‘Unstable Unity’ and uses the 3D type in conceptual aspects. The project continuously focuses on transforming 2D types into 3D environment.

Chung currently resides in → [[Read the full article…]]

Call for Entries: Design 2016


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