Annual Reports 2014/15 Spotlight Submissions: Italy

 Design Firm: Cacao Design | Client: Pirelli | Designer: Paola Veronesi

Cacao Design’s Pirelli 2013 Annual Report redefines Annual Reports. “The innovative binding solution,” Mauro Pastore wrote in their Annual Reports 2014/15 competition entry, “is a response to Pirelli’s requirement to convey a completely abstract concept, one of the key values of the brand, and one which is particularly relevant to this document: namely, talent at work.”

Ten young → [[Read the full article…]]

Annual Reports 2014/15 Spotlight Submissions: Sweden

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.09.17 PM

 Design Firm: Intellecta Corporate | Clients: Self-Initiated | Designer: Anders Schmidt

Anders Schmidt’s Intellecta Annual Report 2012 is an elegant spread that trumpets the company’s value and progress. The entry is one of our top picks in the Annual Reports 2014/15 competition.

Anders was a Design Director and Creative Director at Intellecta Corporate for 16 years. Many of his work was made in collaboration with Intellecta, in addition a → [[Read the full article…]]

Kentucky Photographer Tammy Ruggles


 Photographer: Tammy Ruggles | Client: Self-Initiated

Photographer – Tammy Ruggles

Tammy Ruggles truly has a unique eye for photography. Her high contrast, black and white images capture the rural tundra of the small-town Tollesboro in Kentucky. As for her style, she says it’s difficult to pin it down because she sees something entirely apart from her viewers. Ruggles is legally blind.

Born with a progressive eye disease known as Retinitis Retinitis Pigmentosa, Ruggles’ retinas → [[Read the full article…]]

Photography Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Canada


 Design Firm: Sabu Qureshi | Client: Munoz Shoes

Sabu Qureshi’s recent submission to the Photography Annual 2016 competitionContessa, says just what client Munoz Shoes would have hoped: Munoz shoes are exotic, edgy, avant-garde accessory for the distinguished woman.

Sabu Qureshi is the founder of Sabu Photography, a multiple international award winning photography studio in Toronto, Canada. This is Qureshi’s first year submitting to Graphis, → [[Read the full article…]]

Photography Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Texas


 Photography Studio: Michael Mayo Photography | Client: Self-Initiated

It’s every housekeeper’s nightmare. Michael Mayo’s Tupperastrophe visualizes the treaded cabinet and the horrible effects of having too much tupperware. The piece, a self promotion for Michael Mayo Photography, was submitted to the Photography Annual 2016 competition.

The image was photographed on location in Fort Worth Texas. The model was positioned on the kitchen floor and Tupperware was placed around and → [[Read the full article…]]

Call for Entries: Annual Reports 2014/2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.14.22 AM

Design Firm: Addison | Client: SL Green Realty Corp. 

Up to 500 entries are archived on Platinum, Gold, & Silver winning work is in the Annual. Complimentary certificates to Platinum & Gold winners. Book price for all entrants is $48 (60% discount). To submit, Click here.

Member Entry Fees: Series: (Up to 7 image) USD $150
Non-Member Entry Fees: Series (Up to 7 images) USD $300


Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: New York


 Design Firm: GQ | Designer: John Munoz | Design Director: Fred Woodward

Under Fred Woodward’s artistic direction, John Munoz’s recent editorial for GQ — Naked and Famous (image above) — is one of many recent Design competition submissions for the popular men’s monthly magazine. It introduces an intimate look at an interesting public figure. Alice Gregory gives GQ readers the scoop on up-and-coming Ryan McGinley’s photography and life story.

GQ has submitted → [[Read the full article…]]

Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: New York

new york. lloydandco

 Advertising Agency: LLOYD & CO | Clients: Narciso

Doug Lloyd’s iconic advertising campaign for the launch of Narciso Rodriguez’s newest fragrance was just what the client wanted.

“The most important aspects of the brief were to ensure that the image was aligned with the modern simplicity and sophistication of the brand & spoke to the positioning of the fragrance as a sexy fragrance that was about a sense → [[Read the full article…]]

Photography Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: New York


 Photographer: Tatijana Shoan | Client: Malibu Magazine

Tatijana Shoan’s posh Croatian Gypsy series for Malibu Magazine exemplifies the slick, edgy lifestyle magazine. the series was submitted to Photography Annual 2016 competition.

Shoan co-founded and created AS IF Magazine, a luxury publication that features individuals who have made a creative mark on society. The recipient of over 40 national and international awards, AS If Magazine is distributed globally. To → [[Read the full article…]]

Design Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: New York

blog image

 Design Firm: Stranger & Stranger | Clients: John Dewar and Sons

They claim to be the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky refreshed look. And with such a exquisite visual identity, under the capable hands of renowned design firm Stranger & Stranger, it’s not too incredulous of an assertion.

The Dewar’s (image above) line of whisky branding was submitted to the Design Annual 2016 competition, showing of a design that → [[Read the full article…]]